13 Aug 2012 Mr. Kamlesh Barot - President, FHRAI Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India. Employment generation potential of the hotel industry with double taxation issues. 

President HRAWI - Mr. Kamlesh Barot at HRAWI's convention in Lavasa - Inaugural President's speech.

HRAWI convention at Lavasa -Open forum 

FHRAI Goa Convention 6th September, 2012 .

Presidential Address by Mr. Kamlesh Barot, President, Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India. 

Tourism Minister, Maharashtra Shri Chaggan Bhujbal speech's response at FHRAI Goa convention

FHRAI Goa convention's Sixth Session: Perspective of Tourism Growth by International Associations :

Moderator : Mr. Kamlesh Barot, President, FHRAI

Speakers : 

Dr. Ghassan Aidi, President, IH&RA

Mr. Joe Mcinerney, President, AH&LA

Mr. Raman P. Rama, Incoming President, HFTP

Mr. Alkesh Patel, Chairman, AAHOA.

Mr. Frank Wolfe, CEO, HFTP.

Mr. Vikram Madhok, Chairman, WTTC India Initiative.

Mr. Frederic Pierret, Assistant Secretary General, United Nations World Tourism


"Investment opportunities/deterrents for development of Coastal Resorts in India":

Mr. Uttam Dave, President, Accor Hotels.

Speakers : 

Mr. Kamlesh Barot, President FHRAI

Mr. Ashish Kumar Singh, Secy. to the C.M., Govt. of Maharashtra

Mr. Vipul Mitra, Principal Secretary (Tourism), Gujarat

Mr. Raghavendra Kumar Singh, Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism .

Signing of MOUs by HFTP, AHLA, AAHOA, IH&RA and UNWTO with FHRAI, at FHRAI, Goa Convention.

Historic Signing of MOUs by HFTP, AHLA, AAHOA, IH&RA and UNWTO with FHRAI on the 8th September, 2012 at the 47th FHRAI Goa Convention in presence of Secretary, Tourism Shri. R. H. Khwaja and Tourism Minsiter of Goa, Shri Dilip Parulekar 

Dr  Ghassan AIDI - President International Hotel & Restaurant Association handing over mementoes, to President Kamlesh Barot and CoCC Vivek Nair.

Joint Honorary Secretary Mr. Deepak Puri's Vote of Thanks at the FHRAI Goa convention.

Valedictory Address by Mr. R.H. Khwaja, Secretary Tourism, Govt. of India. 

Convention Resolutions by Secretary General, FHRAI, Mr. M. D. Kapoor.

Presentation of Thanksgiving Mementoes.

IHRA AWARDS given by Ghassan Aidi, President, International Hotels & Restaurants

Association (IH&RA). 

"Open House : Tourism - The Way Forward" at FHRAI Goa convention:

Opening Remarks by : Mr. R.H. Khwaja, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

Speakers : 

Mr. Kamlesh Barot, President, FHRAI

Mr. S.M. Shervani, President, HRANI

Mr. Syama Raju, President, SIHRA

Mr. Ratan Marothia, President, HRAEI

Mr. Francisco De Braganca, President, TTAG

Mr. Gaurish Dhond, President, HRAG.

Mr. Samuel Mathew, Principal Secretary Tourism, Govt. of Goa. 

Trends in Hospitality, Indore - FHRAI convention:

Emerging Food & Beverage Trends

Moderator: Kamlesh Barot -Revival Group

Speakers: Ashish Sajnani - Bombay Food Truck 

Gurbaxish Singh Kohli- Pritam Hotels

Munaf Kapadia -Bohri Kitchen 

Shrey Aggarwal - Belgian Waffle Co 

19th Regional Convention held in Nashik from 07th - 09th October, 2022 

Business Session I - Human Resources: Revolving Doors to Opening Human Doors. 

8th October, 2022, 11:00 a.m. 

• Moderator for the session Mr. Kamlesh Barot - Past President of FHRAI & HRAWI.

• Speakers for the session:

1) Mr. Natwar Nagar, Founder & CEO The People Network, Founder The Job Plus.

2) Mr. Riyan Bhatia, Enterprise Account Director, LinkedIn, Mumbai.

3) Mr. Yogendra Agnihotri, Senior Director, Human Resources, South Asia at Radisson Hotel Group

• Mr. Tej Takle – City Coordinator of Nashik felicitated the Speakers & Moderator.

Topics discussed:

A Attraction:

1 Skill specific courses

2 Poaching

3 Curriculum

4 Recruiter appointment pros and cons

5 Five star on CV - Dignity

6 Reference checks

7 Cruise & call center

8 Cheap labour

9 Menial work

10 75% join non hospitality industry

11 Power shift employer to employee

12 Confession confidence

13 Empathy role in hospitality

14 Moonlighting

15 WFH

16 Employer branding

17 Gig employees

18 Job near my house

19 Glamour - TV Celebrity

20 Pay scales

B Retention:

21 Buddy

22 Mental health

23 Glamour (to actually meet, greet and communicate with world)

24 Salary and incentives (especially available only in our industry)

25 50% 2020 to 66% job hopping

26 Risk Management in working area

27 Incentivizing-tips-Service charge

28 Staff Satisfaction

29 Benefits should be offered

30 Appraisal format

31 Exit interview

32 Culture and Ethics

33 Knowledge and skill transfer

34 WLB

35 Politics, motivation

36 Disguised unemployment

37 Empathy

38 Onboarding

39 Training on job

40 Medical and social security

C Development:

41 Value for life

42 Soft skill enhancement

43 Lifelong learning

44 Careful and matured use of technology

45 Set and stick to operational standards for New Development

46 Career Progression

47 Multiskilling

48 Un-coventional Career Path


50 Golden Opportunity for transfer of Skilling to the world. 

50 odd topics in above panel discussion on Human Resource:

Attraction: Skill specific courses, Poaching, Curriculum, Recruiter appointment pros and cons, Five star on CV - Dignity, Reference checks, Cruise & call centre, Cheap labour, Menial work, 75% join non hospitality industry, Power shift employer to employee, Confession confidence, Empathy role in hospitality, Moonlighting,  WFH, Employer branding, Gig employees, Job near my house, Glamour - TV Celebrity, Pay scales

Retention: Buddy, Mental health, Glamour (to actually meet, greet and communicate with world), Salary and incentives (especially available only in our industry), 50% 2020 to 66% job hopping, Risk Management. in working area, Incentivizing-tips-Service charge, Staff Satisfaction, Benefits should be offered, Appraisal format, Exit interview, Culture and Ethics, Knowledge and skill transfer, WLB, Politics, motivation,  Disguised unemployment, Empathy, Onboarding, Training on job,  Medical and social security, 

Development: Value for life, Soft skill enhancement, Lifelong learning, Careful and matured use of technology, Set and stick to operational standards for New Development, Career Progression, Multiskilling, Unconventional Career Path, HSRT, Golden Opportunity for transfer of Skilling to the world,

In this Episode of Assignment, Senior VP at Nirmal Bang Securities, Rakesh Bhandari gets to live his dream job of being a Restaurateur specializing in local Indian Cuisine. Taking him through the paces is, Director of Vie Hospitality Group Kamlesh Barot. Rakesh will be assigned three tasks to see whether he has what it takes to be successful in his dream job. 

Hotels and restaurants new procurement platforms: 

FHIn Classe WebCon - 3 on HoReCa: Opportunities for Modern Trade and Cash & Carry Business:

As a part of the Digital Week organised by Informa Markets and Saladplate, the FHIn Classe WebCon was an e-conference held to discuss the future of the food and hotel industry.

The webinar started off with a presentation by Mr Aakash Datta, Sr. VP, Consulting and Valuation, HVS on the current status of Indian hospitality industry and the revival plan.

Here are the industry experts that will be shared their thoughts during the e-conference on 17th July, 2020:

Amit Lohani: Founder Director, Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI India)

Kanishka Mazumdar, Sr VP- F&B, Stanza Living

Dr. Sanjay Goyal: VP, Supply Chain Management, Lite Bite Foods

Kamlesh Barot, Director - VIE Hospitality, Ex-President FHRAI

Prashant Khuradiya: Business Head (HoReCa), Metro Cash & Carry India

Chef Salil Fadnis, Hotel Manager, Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai

The e-conference will be moderated by Mr. Murari Jha, Editor, Travel Trends Today. 

Senior VP at Nirmal Bang Securities, Rakesh Bhandari is living his dream job of running a specialized local cuisine restaurant. For his first task, Rakesh had to sell the specialty at Revival, their smoked barbeque buttermilk. He has completed the task but did his interaction with the guests impress Kamlesh. Now is the time to find out. 

6 Mar 2013

Director of Vie Hospitality Kamlesh Barot is mentoring Nirmal Bang Securities' Rakesh Bhandari in his dream job of running a local cuisine restaurant. Rakesh has completed his first task. For his next task, he was asked to buy ingredients for another local special, Undhiyu. See how he fares...! 

The Assignment airs at 7:00 pm India Time on Bloomberg TV India

Interview with RJ Abhilash on BIG FM 92.7 on FHRAI programs and reopening of hotels & restaurants - Revival group of hotels and restaurants. 

HRAWI representation to Chief Minister, Maharashtra for hotels & restaurants to be reopened post Covid lockdown, by Kamlesh Barot.